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Do you dream of living in a home that’s relaxed, inviting and beautiful? Are you getting ready to move and want to get top dollar for your home? 

Have you wondered how decorators and stagers put together such amazing spaces? Or how certain people can make their home look fantastic no matter where they live?

It might seem that they have more money to work with. But money has little to do with it. It’s always about style. We crave homes that are comfortable and stylishly in tune with our personalities.  We want to feel “at home” when we are home.

Home-Decorating-and-Staging, written by a professional home stager and decorator shares our industry secrets and shows you how to apply them with:

  • Real life examples
  • Before and after pictures
  • Step-by-step instructions

Get the look you want without the struggle of trying to figure it out on your own.

Stagers Know How to Captivate a Buyer’s Heart

A professionally staged home gives the seller a big advantage over the competition. When a buyer falls in love with a home, they get excited. They hurry to buy it before someone else does. Get them excited about your home and you’ll make more money.

Learn and Use Our Secrets

It’s easier than you think to turn your home into a dream home. There are tricks of the trade and a formula for everything. Once you know the formulas, you can easily create a beautiful room every time.


buyers agency queensland
buyers agency queensland

Discover How Decorators and Stagers

  • Create an inviting bedroom
  • Add drama with art and mirrors
  • Accent with plants and greenery
  • Choose model home paint colors
  • Find the perfect furniture arrangement
  • Design an interesting coffee table display
  • Fix a room that feels “off”

Learn How to Sell Your Home for More Money

  • Understand the difference between decorating and staging
  • Resolve conflict about moving
  • Deliver the buyer’s dream
  • Make simple repairs worth big money
  • Find the right realtor
  • Reduce the stress of being on the market

Turn Your Home into a Dream Home

  • Simple step-by-step instructions
  • Lots of Before and After pictures
  • Plenty of budget friendly ideas

Home Decorating and Staging

  • Discover how little changes can make a big difference. 
  • See how easy it is to transform your home using what you already own.
  • Experience how wonderful it is to live in a home you love.
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